as of February 8, 2019


The graduate school admits students regardless of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religion, political affiliation, conviction or ideology.



Regular Standing. This is the status given to new graduate students who will meet all the requirements for admission and such others which maybe required by the graduate school.

Probationary standing. This applies to new graduate students:
who lack credentials for evaluation at the time of registration;
with a general point average grade in the undergraduate course that is lower than the GPA required by any of the Graduate School' Master's or Doctoral Program; and
have pre-requisite courses to be taken (for MAS and MAEd).


Note: Students who have taken at least 12 unit of graduate course in the ASU Graduate School with an average grade of 1.75 or better shall request for change of status from probationary or permanent/regular standing.


Admission Requirements

1. Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records & Certificate of Transfer Credentials
    (Honorable Dismissal) from last school attended for PhD and MPA applicants.

2. Grade Weighted Average of 1.75 or better in the Master's Degree program for PhD
    and 2.0 in the Undergraduate for Master's degree.

3. Letter of recommendation from 2 former professors and immediate supervisor.

4. Permit to study, if employed.

5. Master in Public Administration (MPA), Master in Agricultural Science (MAS), 
    Master in Rural Development (MRD), and Master in Crop Science (MSC) applicants
    must have at least 1 year work experience.

6. PhD applicants must have at least 2 years of teaching or administrative experience.

7. Service Record

8. Passed written examination and interview in PhD and MAEd.

9. Certificate of English Proficiency by a professor of English (only for applicants from foreign
    countries where English is not a medium of instruction and or not the native language) for 
    MPA, MAS, MRD and MCS applicants.