Baccalaureate Programs


            High School graduate.

            Form 138 (Report Card) or Transcript of Records with a GPA as follows: - 85 or higher for Vet Med, Architecture and Engineering, Industrial Education, Teacher Education, Bachelor of Arts and Associate in Health Science Education; - 83 or higher for Industrial Technology and Hotel and Restaurant Technology; - No grade requirement for other programs.

            Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Guidance Counselor or Principal.

            Medical/Dental Certification signed by any government physician.

            Two (2) recent "2 x 2" pictures.

            Certified true copy of Live Birth (NSO for BSIE).

            For Transferee

            Honorable Dismissal (original).    

            True copy of Transcript of Record certified by the Registrar.

            Medical Certificate signed by government physician.

            Certified true copy of Live Birth.

            Four recent ID pictures ("2 x 2").


            Graduates of high schools duly recognized by the government may be admitted as freshmen into the University on the following bases:

            Their performance in the University Admission Test and College/School Entrance Test;

            Their weighted average in senior high school;

            Their performance in the interview conducted by the College/School concerned; and;

            Their compliance of other requirements prescribed by the University, which include documents and other academic credentials.

            Former students who have attended another institution since attending the University shall be required to qualify on the same basis as new transfer students.

            An applicant who has already earned a baccalaureate degree from another University may be admitted without the necessity of qualifying in the University Admission Test; provided, that he meets all the other requirements prescribed by the College concerned.

            Every student shall, upon admission, sign the following pledge: "In consideration of my admission to the Aklan State University and of the privileges of a student in this institution. I hereby promise and pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations laid down by competent authority of the University." Refusal to take the foregoing pledge or violation of its term shall be sufficient cause for denial of admission or summary dismissal of the student concerned.

            Only students who have been duly registered shall be admitted to classes. In exceptional cases, the teacher may recommend to the Dean concerned the admission of an observer to a class.

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