Office of the VP for Academic Affairs

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs


The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be directly responsible to the President. The office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs coordinates with the President of the University and other Vice Presidents regarding the academic programs of the University.

The office provides effective liaison between the University and the academic community both local, national and international. It also initiates and undertakes the activities that should keep the University updated with recent developments in the academic affairs. 

The office supervises the personnel, budget and expenditures, and annual procurement planning, and recommends to the  Office of the University President the allocation of funds and personnel  appointment for the offices of National Service Training Program (NSTP), Admission  and  Registrarship, Student Affairs,  Library and Information Services, and Curriculum and Instruction Development  under her supervision.


An Excerpt from The Aklan State University Code, Governance and Administration, Article 29-30.

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