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Director, Research and Development Services

Excellence in Research for Sustainable Development

Provide opportunity for the faculty and students to conduct intellectual works, develop and promote inter-disciplinary research, and generate creative knowledge and appropriate technologies for the advancement of industries and realization of the vision and mission of the university.

• Establish a dynamic research environment that will promote a high standard of professional conduct among researchers, and a culture of research practice that is ethical, competent, safe and responsive to the needs of the stakeholders.
• Conduct researches that can generate new knowledge, best practices and appropriate technologies, and improve policies for the sustainable development of industries and stakeholders.
• Present research outputs in local, regional, national and international venues.
• Publish new knowledge and technological breakthroughs in local, regional, national and international refereed journals and other scientific publications.
• Strengthen the research network of the University with local, regional, national and international institutions through collaborative research programs and projects.

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