ASU-CHaRRM Celebrates the ASEAN 50th Founding Anniversary: "Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”

The Aklan State University College of Hospitality and Rural Resource Management celebrated the ASEAN 50th Founding Anniversary with the theme "Partnering for Change, Engaging the World” on August 8, 2017 in Ibajay, Aklan.

The event was headed by the Campus Director Dr. Emily Arangote and was graced with the presence of key university officials: University President, Dr. Danilo Abayon; Director for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Arvin Kim Arnilla; Dr. Elsa Abayon; and guest speaker, Mr. Noriel Seville.

The event showcased traditional dances from ASEAN member countries:  Thailand, Laos, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines. The audience were enthralled to see the presentations, which strengthened their appreciation for the varied cultures in the ASEAN. Homegrown talents such as the Kiriwkiw Dance Troupe, ASU Band and Glee Club also awed the audience with their performances, showing that there is no shortage of skills in the community.

The inspirational message from the guest speaker, Mr. Noriel Seville, Principal of Ibajay National High School, highlighted the increasing importance of cooperation between ASEAN nations. He expressed that the growing interconnectedness between our ASEAN partners serves to benefit everyone, especially in education as graduates will have more mobility and opportunities to work overseas.

It was the first time for ASU-CHARRM to hold ASEAN Anniversary Celebration. As a result, a deep appreciation for cooperation among ASEAN nations has been developed in the hearts of the ASU Community–a value that will continue to endure in the years to  come.

asean ibajay 1
The faculty and staff of Aklan State University–College of Hospitality and Rural Resource Management in their costumes in celebration of the ASEAN 50th Founding Anniversary.

asean ibajay 2
Key officials gracing the event (Left to Right): Prof. Soledad A. Tallod, Chair for Administrative Support Services; Dr. Arvin Kim Arnilla, Director for Curriculum and Instruction; Dr. Elsa Abayon; Dr. Danilo Abayon, University President; Mr. Noriel Seville, Principal of Ibajay National High School; and Dr. Emily Arangote, Campus Director.

asean ibajay 3

Flags from the ASEAN member countries: Thailand, represented by Prof. Elizabeth Prado; Laos represented by Mrs. Anna Marie Artiga; Brunei represented by Mr. Manuel Gaviola; Cambodia represented by Dr. Sharon Masula; Indonesia represented by Dr. janice Ching, Indonesa represented by Prof. Norivic Gilongos; Singapore represented by Mrs Bituin Ednoresfa Roquero; Myanmar represented by Mrs. Princess Abaygar; Malaysia represented by Prof. Soledad Tallod; and Philippines represented by Engr. Reimar Tingga.

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