The State Universities and Colleges-Association of Colleges of Agriculture in the Philippines, Inc. (SUC-ACAP, Inc.), a nationwide organization of agricultural state colleges and universities in the country holds its National Organizational Planning Conference at the Aklan State University (ASU) on February 2 - 3, 2017.

         The two-day conference was spent for business meeting, talks from invited resource persons and roadmapping planning workshop of the organization which were conducted on the first day of the conference. The second day was allotted for a day tour to selected Agri-spots, Boracay Island and the Rivercruise in New Washington, Aklan.

         The participants of the conference are SUC Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans and Assistant Deans, professors of agriculture and other designated officials of the member-institutions all over the country. The total number of participants were 46. The conference was held to strengthen and revitalize the association for a more proactive organization that could address some issues and challenges besetting the agriculture sector today.

      After the short program which was hosted by Dr. Arvin Kim A. Arnilla, a business meeting followed immediately with Dr. Danilo E. Abayon, ASU President and SUC-ACAP, Inc. President, presiding. The first part of the meeting centered on the President’s and Secretary-Treasurer’s report. The President made a brief flashback of ACAP-SUC’s history while the Secretary-Treasurer updated the participants of the associations’ membership status up to the present, as well as the collectible annual membership dues from the member-institutions.

In the second half of the meeting, the following businesses were tackled: Annual ACAP Convention; Work and Financial Plan for the year 2017-2018; Continuing Professional Development; Ratification of the Constitution and By-Laws; and the other matters include incentives of officers; issues and concerns on the Licensure Examination for Agriculturists (LEA), collaborative research and harmonized curriculum content of the agriculture program.

      The afternoon session started with a talk delivered by Ms. Cynthia Remedios V. De Guia from the Department of Agriculture–Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR). She talked on the R&D Agenda and Directions of DA-BAR including the various programs being implemented by the agency. Ms. De Guia stressed climate change and ASEAN integration in her talk filled – Trends and Challenges Facing Educational Institutions in the Midst of Climate Change and ASEAN integration. She expounded the topics on climate change and ASEAN Integration and how the SUC-ACAP can make these recent developments as an opportunity to conduct R & D studies to help those that are vulnerable to the effects of various environmental stresses threating both the agriculture and fisheries sector’s productivity.

In the open forum moderated by Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo, the different SUC-ACAP participants raised their queries on the various research programs of the DA-BAR ranging from on-line submission of proposals on climate change studies to identification of commissioned research. The resource persons enthusiastically responded to the queries raised by the participants with encouragement that DA-BAR supports various research initiatives that caters to the agency’s research priorities and agenda.

Before the end of the first day of the conference, Dr. Paterno I. Rebuelta, the current Executive Director of SUC-ACAP presented to the body the draft Roadmap and Milestones of the association covering the period from 2017 - 2022 in a workshop. After which, the participants were grouped to work on the various areas of concern such as: 1) Curriculum Development Support; 2) Student Development; 3) Library and Information Services; 4) Continuing Professional Development; 5) RD & E; and 6) Production/Income Generating Project.

Culminating the day’s session was the presentation of group outs for the body’s comments and suggestions. The participants eagerly contributed their ideas/suggestions for consideration by the proponents for the betterment of the group’s output.

      On the second day of the conference, the participants had a day tour in Boracay Island and the Rivercruise in New Washington. The Boracay group had a side trip in ASU-Ibajay campus and the Bugtongbato Mangrove Project. On the other hand, the Rivercruise group made a stop-over at the Sampaguita Gardens to culminate the two-day conference. Participants from both tour group enjoyed the day’s activity as a way of refreshing one’s senses in commune with nature before they finally take-off for home.



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